Zenica in Bosnia: The Shopware 6 Platform Workshop


Zenica is located about 70 km northwest of Sarajevo. The city of 115,000 inhabitants is an important location for heavy industry. For a few years now, it has also been developing into the business headquarters of numerous smaller companies with innovative potential. For them, the economic area is particularly attractive because of its low income and profit tax, uniform value-added tax and proximity to the single European market. 

Numerous start-ups have settled in Zenica in recent years. They are mainly active in the fields of IT, telecommunications, software development and management consulting. Financial incentives are provided by international funds, which give financial start-up assistance to the young companies and promote professional qualifications. The region has a large number of well-trained professionals with practical experience and a good command of German and English. They are also well acquainted with German business practices.

Since 2000, the European Investment Bank (EiB) has also been promoting small and medium-sized enterprises there with favorable loans.

Among the emerging companies in Zenica for a few years now is Commerce Care d.o.o. The eCommerce agency started in 2017 and is now known throughout the German-speaking region. Commerce Care develops Shopware 6 platform projects for B2B and B2C, commerce UX/UI design as well as plugin development. In addition, the agency is known for experienced business consultants in commerce platform planning. The team around founder Husein Askraba is Shopware and Pickware partner and also offers high performance NGINX hosting services.

In addition to adherence to schedules, transparency and full cost control are still among the most important features of the Shopware partner: The customer is always informed about all important details of his project and can communicate the desired changes promptly. At its location in Zenica, Commerce Care benefits from synergetic effects generated by the economically growing industrial environment.

The Shopware agency scores with a high degree of flexibility and extremely low employee turnover. Therefore, customers receive IT and software services of consistently high quality. Because the Shopware platform solution is used frequently, especially in the DACH countries, the agency is mainly focused on this market.

Are you interested in a Shopware 6 platform? Commerce Care d.o.o. as Shopware 6 business partner and Pickware partner agency is at your disposal.

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