Virtual Reality: New Shopping Worlds in eCommerce


Industry experts believe that VR will become the new big e-commerce trend. After all, e-commerce is no longer just vying for customers in terms of product range and purchase prices. In reality, it’s the customer experience that has a greater impact on shoppers’ favor. Those whose stores offer the best buying experience can increase their sales by an average of 45 percent within five years.

If customers are not so pleased, the average sales growth over this period is only 3 percent. Buyers who are one hundred percent satisfied even generate 2.6 times as much revenue as those who are not so well served. According to the latest estimates, the use of VR solutions in online shopping could significantly increase the attractiveness of stores. Because VR technology is becoming increasingly affordable, it is now being used in many industries. According to a report by the US B2B marketing agency Walker Sands, 65% of the store shoppers surveyed were in favor of trying out products in a VR environment.

Integration of virtual reality into the commerce platform

VR applications can be integrated as extensions or as a VR app. With the help of the app, prospective buyers can even have the items demonstrated on their smartphone. Augmented reality (AR) goes even further: With AR applications, the goods can even be virtually tested in the customer’s own home and office. Prospective buyers look at them from all sides and in their future environment. They check via VR or AR app whether it has enough space in the desired location and whether the color fits. And how another color looks in the same place. They can also test how the chosen item works and whether it can be used elsewhere. The intelligent virtual technology also makes it easier to search for product information.

The interactive customer experience suggests a one hundred percent realistic offline purchase. If an additional on-site service is added, the owner appears even more trustworthy. Considering that 79.6% of visitors abandoned their B2C online purchase in 2019 alone, the integration of a VR solution could reduce shopping cart abandonment. One example of successful VR purchases is the VR shopping app from well-known electronics company MediaMarktSaturn. The app, which has been in use since November 2017, offers a complete virtual shopping world that is entered via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Prospective buyers try out the desired products in two different VR environments and buy them later via PC or smartphone. The VR shopping app even provides virtual expert advice on request. The next step on the way to a comprehensive and animating customer experience would be the implementation of sensory components. The eCommerce agency Commerce Care d.o.o. is also currently busy developing a virtual reality solution for eCommerce. It is intended to make the new Shopware 6 version even more attractive for customers.

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