Get to know our team

Building continuous partnerships is our goal, and we are committed to it. Mutual respect, comprehensive appreciation and trust shape the entire processes. True passion, absolute honesty to the profession as well as a comprehensible, clear communication style define our brand value and create exactly that differentiation that makes us stand out.

This is who we are. This is Commerce Care d.o.o.

Senior employees

Berina Kovač

Frontend Dev. | CKO
Shopware 6 Platform Management

Nedžad Hodžić

Company Management

Amila Hrustić

Full Stack Developer
Tech Lead

Samira Bišić

Lead UX/UI Design
Sketch & Invision Expert

Semir Teskeredžić

Lead Product Owner | CIO
JIRA Scrum Expert

Husein Aškraba

Founder – CEO
In the eCommerce business for 15 years

We have been solving complex problems in eCommerce for years. The basis for sustainable success is a well thought-out business strategy – entirely in the spirit of digitization and across channels in B2B and B2C environments.

There is a lot at stake: technological integration, optimized processes and consolidated management. The focus is on unique customer experiences, which we achieve with a homogeneous and agile system architecture. We are good in both areas!

We are digital natives.

Over 30 additional employees

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