Shopware 6: New platform technology


Shopware platform is one of the most popular commerce systems due to its intuitive operation and high performance. The new version Shopware 6 offers even more scalability and extreme performance thanks to its new technological basis.

Innovative software structure

The proven and popular e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C companies has been completely changed. It offers even more flexibility and user-friendliness in its three editions. Thanks to its new core, administration, frontend, content management system and ERP system can be flexibly connected via API. In this way, online retailers can immediately adapt to changing market conditions. And offer their visitors and customers an optimal customer experience on all devices and channels. Regardless of whether the web store runs with a purchased or rented Community, Professional or Enterprise Edition as an on-premises or cloud solution. However, store owners who are currently still working with the fifth version will need an eCommerce agency if they want to use the new software: Updating is not enough because of the different technology. The plugins previously used must also be replaced with new compatible ones. Which software areas and plugins are currently in the works can be read in the roadmap on the manufacturer’s website.

Flexible platform technology

Webshops created with the new high-performance software have a very flexible architecture. It is based on a combination of common standard technologies: the fullstack framework Symfony 4.2, the CSS framework for templates Bootstrap 4 and the template engine Twig. The administration is controlled by Vue.js and can be used even without extensive prior technical knowledge. In addition, the store solution has maximum individual scalability thanks to the API-first approach. Store operators who target foreign markets with their business not only have multilingualism and the respective local currency at their disposal. The applicable legal and tax regulations are also integrated into the software. Country-specific sales channels and configurable checkouts can also be used.

Platform Administration

Because the new software was developed in cooperation with online retailers, it has an even better user-friendliness. Store operators work with a clearly designed interface that is easy to navigate thanks to a reduced number of menu items. The simple consistent design also ensures a good user experience. To give store operators maximum design freedom, there is an innovative Rule Builder. With it, he can define rules for individual prices, shipping costs and other important content. Once rules have been defined, they also apply to other store areas. Even more difficult individualizations can be implemented with the Rule Builder without outside help. Shopware users can, for example, specify that high-turnover customers receive their goods on the same day as a special goodwill gesture.

The First Run Wizard makes the step-by-step setup very easy. It also supports the user in selecting additional plug-ins. Multi-channel marketing is also possible with Shopware 6: If it is not just a normal web store, the owner can also offer his articles on well-known online marketplaces and in social media. In doing so, he has the option of presenting different assortments to his target groups or creating his store in the local language. To reach his own target groups even better, he integrates Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram and special solutions such as CarCommerce via the API.

Manage products with Shopware 6

Artikel-Management bei Shopware 6
Artikel-Management bei Shopware 6

With the current Shopware solution, the range of goods offered can be managed even more conveniently. Centrally defined product features such as item size and color are displayed as multiple product variants. And they can even be aligned with specific sales channels. Product streams offer store operators the option of creating dynamic article catalogs using specific filter criteria. Articles added later are then automatically inserted in the right place. The experience worlds already familiar from the predecessor offer an even more attractive cross-channel and cross-device customer experience. No technical know-how is required to customize them. Thanks to intuitive usability, all store pages can be created within a short time. Meta tags, canonical tags, breadcrumbs and rich snippets ensure Google-compliant SEO.

Platform modules

The sales-promoting Discounts & Promotions module can also be adapted to individual requirements. It is set up in the administration area and adapted to the respective sales channels. The store owner defines who benefits from the next discount promotion under which circumstances. Differentiation of discounts is also possible. Among other things, there are discounts on

  • Article sets
  • Fixed prices
  • Shipping costs

and separate discount codes. All settings can be personalized down to the smallest detail. In addition, the owner can display all discount promotions in list form. With the help of the already existing PayPal module, not only the most frequently used payment methods, but also payment with more than a hundred currencies are available to him. The buyer himself does not need to have his own PayPal account for this.

Shopware 6 Plugins

The useful extensions can also be easily managed via the administration (Plugin Manager). With the many plugins offered in the Community Store, the shopping platform can be set up highly individually. No matter whether the online merchant

  • has a professional glossary in his store
  • manage his eBay or Amazon orders externally
  • equip his article detail pages with additional tabs
  • redirect e-mails
  • offer his customers an individual delivery date
  • activate cross-selling
  • integrate Google Reviews and ratings

as client wants.

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