As a software company that focuses on eCommerce and operates in the DACH region as well as the Balkans, we recognize how important it is to highlight the benefits that eCommerce brings to society.

When it comes to eCommerce, it is crucial to explain the necessary conditions for creating an online trading ecosystem.

We have contacted Orhan Gazibegović, the President of the eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has been primarily engaged in developing digital solutions in the payment industry and eCommerce market in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the last ten years. It is also essential to emphasize that he has more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector. His position as a Unit Manager at Monri enables him to promote innovative payment methods and digitalization of business for all companies in the Bosnian market.

The following text contains key parts of our conversation with Orhan, as well as details on how Commerce Care can help you in your eCommerce journey.

Orhan Gazibegović - President of the eCommerce Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The key conditions for a thriving eCommerce ecosystem according to Orhan Gazibegović

  1. Internet access: Internet access is crucial for online trading. Without it, establishing an online store would not be possible, and customers would be unable to access the seller and purchase products.
  2. Technological infrastructure: The technical infrastructure that enables online trading includes a website or trading platform, security protocols, PSP (Payment Service Provider), online accounting software, etc.
  3. Security: Customers must be confident in the security of their data when purchasing online. Security protocols, such as the PCI DSS certificate that protects sensitive card data and SSL certificates, are crucial for protecting customer privacy and data security. If the merchant uses a certified PSP, they do not need any additional security mechanisms for payment.
  4. Product selection: Online stores must offer a wide selection of products to attract customers. The greater the choice, the greater the likelihood that customers will find what they are looking for.
  5. Design: The appearance of the online store, such as product photos, descriptions, customer reviews, and other content, should be of high quality and visually attractive to customers.
  6. Logistics: Online stores must provide efficient logistics, including fast delivery and quality packaging, to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat purchases in your online store.
  7. Customer support: Customers must have access to customer support to get answers to questions and resolve order or product issues.
  8. Marketing: Online stores must have a marketing strategy to attract customers to the website and increase sales. This may include advertising on social media, SEO, email marketing, etc.

All of these conditions must be met to create a successful online trading ecosystem.

When it comes to enabling online sales for a local trader, the following must be fulfilled:

  • To activate online sales on a legitimate internet sales site in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first requirement is that the merchant is registered as a legal entity, i.e., has a registered company or craft.
  • Like any other legal entity, an online merchant needs to have a bank account.
  • To ensure business security and customer data protection, as well as to increase reliability in the webshop, merchants can activate online payment.
  • During the activation process, the merchant receives a security certificate from global payment systems and local banks and fulfills all the conditions for sales in the country and abroad.

After that, the merchant launches their online store and is ready for eCommerce sales!

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