In the heart of Zenica, at the address Maršala Tita 61, is the location of the tailoring studio "Naked Maja". It is the cradle of unique pieces of clothing which are brought to life by the skilled hands of the creative designer and owner Maja Alibegović.

The, now internationally recognized brand, Naked Maja was conceived in 2019. The public presentation of Maja Alibegović’s creations followed soon after.

Her creations were presented to the public for the first time in 2019 soon after the conceivement of Naked Maja, now recognized beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, fashion brand.

When I was coming up with the brand name, I wanted something that sounded interesting and catchy. I stumbled upon a shirt with a print of a famous painting by Francisco de Goya called Naked Maja. At that moment I knew that was it.

Considering the high demand for her creations, and the fact that she sells through social media, she decided to contact our company, Commerce Care, to take her business to the next level through an online store.

"I sell through the 'Naked Maja' Instagram and Facebook profiles, as well as in the store. Sales are better through social media. People do buy in the store, but I record far more sales online."
Photo: Nedim Bajramović

She notes that her social media profiles are inundated with messages and believes that creating a Naked Maja web shop is a great idea. She adds that she is aware of all the benefits a web shop can bring to her business.

"Since the first presentation of my brand to the public, I knew that there would come a time when a web shop would be essential to my business become a necessity. I wanted to provide customers with an unforgettable shopping experience for Naked Maja products online. In my search for web shop creators, I scheduled several meetings with potential creators. I decided to have Commerce Care company create my web shop because I liked the results of the projects they have worked on so far. Their previous projects"
Photo: Nedim Bajramović

Commerce Care has been successfully operating for more than 5 years, satisfying the needs of its clients in the DACH region. After deciding to expand its services to the Balkan region, the company received dozens of inquiries from its potential clients within just three months, resulting in numerous successful collaborations.

The Naked Maja brand exudes simplicity, minimalism, and practicality, and has become well-known beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a noticeably brief period. The web shop developed by our skilled developers will provide an unforgettable shopping experience.

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