#GameChanger “Monri-member of Payten x Commerce Care”


More than proud to present you, #gamechanger for eCommerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Monri-member of Payten x CC.

Long neglected, which we as CC would like to change. The eCommerce Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our approach since the first day of creation, was not only to generate as much profit as possible, but also to give something back to a country and the people who have given us so much. Every single StartUp should not only have access to cheap eCommerce systems but also be able to operate in the professional eCommerce environment and for that a credit card payment is an absolute must-have.

Through the direct partnership with the payment gateway provider Monri- Webpay, we managed to develop within a few weeks the Monri- Webpay plugin for the innovative Shopware 6 platform, which within a few minutes every merchant in Bosnia can offer credit card payment to their customers via the SW6 Platform. It is important to know that this is only the first step that CC wants to give back to the industry in Bosnia. More diversity ones will follow in January.

Be excited about the fast-growing startup from Zenica! With eCommerce experts who don’t need to prove themselves anymore, but are hungry to make more big things happen.

Great things we show you monthly almost daily, with an absolute highlight in June in Sarajevo 2022.